Chemical Service

With our weekly chemical services, we will visit your pool on a predetermined day once a week.  In addition to performing a visual and audible check of all your pool equipment and pool functions, we will perform the following services:

  • Test chemical balance of swimming pool water, and provide solutions to problem water chemistry.

  • Net the swimming pool and vacuum when needed.

  • Brush tile and pool walls as needed.

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets.

  • Check for plumbing leaks, operational valves, actuators, and proper configurations.

  • Check swimming pool and spa lights and gfci’s.

  • Check automated controls and timers.

  • Check integrity of swimming pool deck, coping, and tile.

  • Check integrity of swimming pool surface.

  • Check for proper electrical wiring and components.

  • Check filter pressure; backwash filter and add Diatomaceous Earth as needed.

  • Inspect and adjust exterior equipment for proper operation; make note of any leaks or other possible problems.

Cool Blue Pool Service

This service includes all normal chemicals for sanitization, pH and alkalinity control.  Our technicians will bring the chemicals with them; you don’t have to worry about storing any chemicals at your home.

To schedule service or request more information please call our office at (760) 475-9966.

We apologize, but due to an overwhelming demand for service, we are only taking new customers in the Desert Knolls area of Apple Valley.

If you are in Desert Knolls, please call: (760) 475-9966

Cool Blue Pool Service

Other specialties include:

  • New installation or repair of all swimming pool equipment, such as pumps, filters, salt water systems, plumbing, electrical, etc.

  • Filter cleans.

  • Acid wash/drain.

Equipment Maintenance

We can help keep your pool equipment in good working order.  Providing preventative maintenance is often the key to keep from having to buy brand new equipment.  And while preventative maintenance comes at a cost, it is much cheaper than buying brand new equipment.

We provide the following equipment maintenance services:

  • Visual and audible check of all pumps.

  • Visual and audible check of all heaters.

  • Visual check of filter system for any leaks and pressure issues.

  • Open up all pumps to clean baskets and check o-rings.

  • Check of salt water system for calcium buildup healthy operation.

  • Check for any error codes given by pump, heater or electrical panel.

  • Turn on/off equipment and all water features to make sure of proper function.

  • Test of lighting systems.

  • Check all plumbing pipes for leaks and proper operation of auto-fill and back-flow device.

For service or a free estimate on pool service…

Please call: (760) 475-9966

Cleaning Services

There isn’t a one size fits all cleaning schedule, so we provide pool cleaning services to meet your needs.  We can schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning services.

Do you have lots of trees or other vegetation in your backyard?  Then you may want a more aggressive pool cleaning schedule.  Or do only have a pool surrounded by lots of desert dirt?  Then with the high winds in the desert, you may also desire a more aggressive pool cleaning schedule.  Whatever your needs we can tailor a schedule to suit your situation.

Here are some of the pool cleaning services we offer:

  • Visual and audible check of all pumps.

  • Skimming the leaves off the surface of the pool.

  • Removing all the dirt and leaves from the bottom of pool.

  • Emptying all the baskets in the pool and equipment area.

  • Checking of all the equipment each week.

  • Making any adjustments to the pool cleaners.

  • Cleaning and adjusting the salt cells for correct operation.

  • Check and add all pool chemicals as needed.

Cool Blue Pool Service

Other maintenance services we offer:

  • Cartridge cleaning or DE filter teardown.

  • Pump, heater, salt system maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Pump, heater or salt system installation.

  • Electrical troubleshooting.