[learn_more caption=”How long should I run my filter?”] Filters should run 8-12 hours in the spring and summer, and 6-10 in the fall and winter depending on filter type, filter size, pool flow rate, bather load, maintenance routine, and chemical balance. DE filters are the most efficient followed by cartridge and sand.

The pool should turn over 2 times a day in the hottest months, (all the water run through the filtrations equipment at least two times per day), so your pump capacity, the plumbing and any flow restrictions also effect run time decisions.

Our supervisors and field technicians set time clocks for those customers on service with us to the best time for your pool given the season and our experience. [/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Should I keep my automatic cleaner hooked up to the skimmer all the time?”] A pool’s circulation system is designed to utilize both a skimmer (drawing water from the surface) and a main drain (drawing water from the deepest part of the pool). When we utilize the skimmer for an automatic pool cleaner we eliminate the surface suction in most cases. This allows debris to hit the surface and stay there until it gets water logged and sinks, before the automatic pool cleaner can pick it up. If you feel comfortable removing and reinstalling the automatic pool cleaner,it should only be run as needed in a pool, allowing the pools skimmer to do it job the rest of the time. You might also enjoy the lack of noise![/learn_more]